Got any new builds planned for this year?

Short term for me, 6.8 SPC.
I went with the 16" Recon Tactical contour from Wilso Combat and plan to load up some 90 gr Speer TNT's, 110 vmax & 120 sst.

This will be my first time using a wilson combat barrel... I watched ever youtube video I could find to see what others are experiencing with them but there is a real lack of videos from the precision perspective. So we shall see.

Long term, I'll need to rebarrel my match rifle and will likely
stick with the 6.5 Creedmoor. I have a 7.5 twist Remington Varmint ordered.

I may end up ordering a 6.5 PRC barreled action this year. If I do I'd like to try out the Impact action and drop it in my existing MPA chassis.